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Complaints are an important source of information about corruption, malpractices and misconduct on the part of public servants. In official parlance complaints are communication reporting grievances of complaints, malpractices and misconduct and are the starting point of all vigilance work.
Complaints can be broadly categorized under the following heads :

Conduct relating to personal misconduct/misbehaviour,

1.Conduct relating to personal misconduct/misbehaviour,

2.Grievance petitions and tax evasion petitions,

3.Allegations regarding indulgence in corrupt practices,

The allegations having a scope for corruption or corrupt practices have a vigilance angle. The complaints at (i) & (ii) above are generally complaints of “Administrative” nature i.e. non-vigilance complaints whereas complaints at (iii) above are “Vigilance” complaints

The Competent Authority in the Ministry and the Department examines each complaint and takes any of the four actions :

1.File it without enquiry (in case of anonymous or vague complaints[see Note below].

2.Or after investigation, pass it on to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for investigation / appropriate action.

3.Refer it to the concerned administrative authority for appropriate action where no vigilance angle is involved.

4.Or is taken up for detailed investigation by the Departmental Vigilance Agency.

Note :

Subsequent to the Public Interest Disclosure & Protection of Informers’ Resolution – 2004 (PIDPIR), the Central Vigilance Commission, the Apex body dealing with vigilance matters of Central Government Employees, has created a mechanism for handling complaints where identity of the complainant is kept secret and the complainant is provided protection. This has been endorsed and operationalized by the Central Government with the approval of the competent authority. In view of the fact that complainants who desire to protect their identity now have the protection of the Public Interest Disclosure & Protection of Informers’ Resolution – 2004 (PIDPIR), the following procedure has been laid down for handling anonymous and pseudonymous complaints, in super session of instructions contained in DoP&T’s OM No. 321/4/91- AVD.III dated 29th September, 1992:

  1. No action will be required to be taken on anonymous complaints, irrespective of the nature of allegations and such complaints would be simply filed.

(ii) Complaints containing vague allegations would also be filed without verification of identity of the complainant.

(iii) If a complaint contains verifiable allegations, the administrative Ministry /Department may take cognizance of such complaint with the approval of the competent authority to be designated by the Ministry / Department as per their distribution of work. In such cases, the complaint will be first sent to the complainant for owning/ disowning, as the case may be. If no response is received from the complainant within 15 days of sending the complaint, a reminder will be sent. After waiting for 15 days after sending the reminder, if still nothing is heard, the said complaint may be filed as pseudonymous by the Ministry/Department.

The complete details of the Public Interest Disclosure & Protection of Informers’ Resolution -2004 and also the Complaint Handling Policy of the CVC is available on the website of the Central Vigilance Commission

Complaints can be filed with any of the following authorities :

I. Central Vigilance Commission.
Satarkata Bhavan , A-Block GPO Complex , INA New Delhi – 110 023 EPABX :- 011- 24600200 (30 Lines)
FAX : 011- 24651010/24651186 Email :

II. Pr. Director General of Income Tax(Vigilance)
1st Floor, Dayal Singh Public Library Building, 1, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg, New Delhi – 110 002
Tel.No. :- 011-23235467 FAX : 011-23232897
Email :

III. Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Mumbai
321, Aayakar Bhavan, M.K.Road, Churchgate, Mumbai – 400020 Tel.No. :- 022-22017654 FAX : 022-22062597

III. Addl. Director General of Income Tax (Vigilance) Western Region,
407, Aayakar Bhavan, M.K. Road, Churchgate, Mumbai- 400020 Tel.No. :- 022-22015839
FAX : 022-22078831     Email : .